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HRC Interns

This page provides instructions for two Rice undergraduate students who will be assisting with research in the summer of 2013 as part of the Humanities Research Center’s Carlson Fellowships.


Marshall Texas Republican

This assignment will require you to work with the microfilm edition of the Marshall, TX, newspaper, the Texas Republican.

Scan Items

Locate the reel that contains issues for the years 1863, 1864, and 1865. Using the microfilm scanner in the basement of Fondren, look through each issue and scan anything on this list:

  • Anything mentioning slaves or people of color
  • Advertisement for runaway slaves
  • Advertisement of slaves for hire or sale
  • Price lists for commodities in the area (e.g., salt)
  • References to local Salt Works like Grand Saline or Neches Saline
  • References to a Texas Iron Works in Marion County or a Marshall Steam Hat Factory
  • References to refugees entering the state, with or without slaves
  • Articles about new railroad lines or manufacturers in area
  • Lists of people exempted from conscription, or “detailed”

In an earlier quick pass through this paper, I also found these items that I would like you to scan:

  • Dec. 2, 1864: 100 Negroes Wanted by J. S. O. Brooks
  • June 27, 1863 - runaway ad
  • July 4, 1863 - Negro men wanted to hire at Marshall Steam Hat Factory, Knight and Umbdenstock
  • September 16, 1864 - Article on refugees
  • October 7, 1864 - article on state of public highways
  • October 28, 1864 - completion of railroad

You should also scan anything that mentions these names:

Here are some things you will likely see a lot of that you don’t need to scan:

  • Reports about Civil War battles or news elsewhere
  • News about the movements of troops in the area

But when in doubt, scan!

Describe Scanned Items

When you find something to scan, or something you found interesting but didn’t scan, make a note of it on the Marshall Texas Republican page of this wiki. Give the date and a quick description.

If you find information about someone or something that already has its own page on this wiki, you can also either add the information to that page or link to that page from the Texas Republican page.

Upload Scanned Items

When you scan the images, save them with a filename that looks like this: YYYYMMDD - Article Title. At the end of each work session, you can zip all the images you’ve scanned and send them to me using the Rice Dropbox Service.