Project News

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Fall 2016

Summer 2016

  • Gains made in research on Cirode Family after trip to New Orleans archives
  • Gains made in research on Tousey Family and Cirodes thanks to RA Assignments by Clair Hopper
  • Completed full-length book proposal

Spring 2016

Fall 2015

  • Received a faculty research fellowship from the Humanities Research Center at Rice
  • Moved more decisively to work on a book about Henrietta Wood
  • At the end of September, went on a Research Road Trip to visit Archives Chicago, Cincinnati, Lexington, Louisville, and Frankfort to conduct research on Wood v. Ward
  • In November, traveled to Historic Natchez Foundation
  • Reviewed page proofs for a chapter on Refugeed Slaves to Texas that will appear in a volume edited by Frank de la Teja from University of Oklahoma Press

Summer 2015

Spring 2015

Fall 2014

Summer 2014

  • Delivered paper about the project at the second annual UNICAMP-Rice workshop in Campinas, Brazil.
  • Submitted revised version of paper presented at Texas State symposium for publication in anthology.
  • Submitted funding proposals for research on the project.

Spring 2014

Fall 2013

Summer 2013

Spring 2013

I only began keeping this page at the beginning of 2013, so previous work on the project is not recorded here.